Michael D. Main has published 5 preview .mp3 audio files to comprise a complete reading of his first book Quintet For The Apocalypse here on SoundCloud. The superior sound .wav file masters are offered on a limited edition audio CD bound into the limited collector’s hardcover, signed, numbered edition of the book as published in June 2012. Access this ISSUU site to preview and order the book.

Michael D. Main's Quintet For The Apocalypse (whose textual approach was inspired by Heller Levinson and Michael Annis’s daring explorations in 2008-2009) now appears in HDP’s Forthcoming Books publications listing. Access this ISSUU site to preview and order a copy of the book.

Language Poet Michael D. Main presents the first in a series of new video discussions and readings to support the release of his book “Quintet For The Apocalypse”.

The design and layout of Michael Main’s "Quintet for the Apocalypse: Origami Poietic Organum" is complete, and the printing of the limited Edition hardbound copies has commenced. A collaboration of Main’s poetry and the artwork of Henry Avignon, it is a work of stunning beauty and formidable literary prowess. As senior editor and publisher at Howling Dog Press, I am proud and delighted to be an integral facet in the creation of this work.

Michael Annis, Senior Editor and Publisher at Howling Dog Press - 15 March 2012.

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